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The Black, Inky Gallery

02/11/2009 >> Visit(www)

I designed the type of web page I thought a photographer might want to display the best from their portfolio. It might be something they would have listed on their business card for prospective clients.

It is designed so that someone without any programming knowledge will be able to maintain and add content to it.

The user selects a jpg image, indicates if it needs to be rotated and how many degrees, enters a title, then either selects an existing category, or moves it to a new one.

As it uploads, the server automatically rotates and re-sizes the image into a thumbnail and a display-size image. It immediately appears in the desired album on the site.

The only limitation at this point is that one image can be uploaded at a time. This is a bit time-consuming initially, but the artist I have in mind would only upload a new image every once in a while.