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6:57PM 06/02/10

Music >> Miranda xoxo

After an unacceptably long hiatus, behold, new music! Head on over to the downloads section and have a listen.

3:17PM 08/16/09

Web Development >> Equinox App

Hey, posted a little Google maps app in the Web Development section. Have yourself a look-see!

9:26AM 03/03/09

Web Development >>

Added another website to the Web Development section.

2:22PM 02/11/09

Web Development >> The Black, Inky Gallery

I made an update to the Black Inky Gallery site in the Web Development section.

Several people didn't like the horizontal ribbon layout of the galleries, so I changed it to a click-through setup.

Let me know what you think.

2:37PM 01/30/09

General >> News

The Black, Inky Nothingness is different, but pretty much the same.

I spent the week updating the internals of the site. It was like tearing down an old factory and putting up a nice, shiny new sky scraper.

As it is now, it is much more user-friendly for me in particular, so I should be able to update it on a more regular basis without having to dread wading through pages of HTML code. Life is good.

I've added a couple of new sections. Blarg! is a blog. I hope to make good use of it. We shall see.

Web Development is essentially a portfolio of websites I have developed.

Now accepting comments and criticisms.

That is all.

7:49AM 06/21/08

General >> News

Hi all. As you may have noticed, music production has come to a standstill. The situation is not going to improve as I am away from my recording equipment until about a year from now. Never fear, I should have some good material by the time I get back, so hopefully the songs will come fast and furious on the BIN.

Thanks for your continued support and interest in my work.

7:21PM 03/16/07

General >> News

I'm still alive!

10:33PM 10/01/06

Music >> Propaganda

What better way to celebrate the start of October than with a new song?

1:17PM 07/17/06

Music >> In Like Flynn

I've put up a somewhat Dave Matthews Band-esque song in the downloads section. I hadn't really intended it that way, these things just happen.

On another note, aren't these monthly releases great? I'll do my best to keep it up.

6:34PM 06/04/06

Music >> Queen of Crime

Unbelievable as it may be, I've added yet another song to the downloads page. Have yourself a little listen.

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