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Air Sickness

02/02/2005 >> Listen(mp3)

I'm flying high, 30 thousand or more,
heading to a place I've never been before.
She's on my mind...

In fields of green, so serene I remember
Many strolls, grassy knolls and her laughter
My love grew, felt so true, wanted her to be
Daydreaming about me

I took her out and about every weekend
Bought her things, shiny rings, crimson roses
My drunken mind fell behind and I couldn't see
She wasn't dreaming about me

I hung around for far too long
Believing in a feeling that was much too strong
I should've cared about my nagging doubt
Before my happiness and bliss turned inside out

I'm miles above the sea.

I'm flying high 30 thousand or more
Heading to a place I've never been before.
She's on my mind...

The sky fell, straight to hell on a Sunday
His name was Jack, watched me pack my belongings
To the curb, undisturbed she tossed me, blue.
I shouted woman we're through!

My phone would ring, what a thing, she'd be calling
Till the end, we'd be friends she was claiming
It blew my mind had to find somewhere else to stay
I had to get away

The ocean shines far below
Even though I know no matter where I go
There I am, I'm still me, won't stick like a tree
Pull up roots, grab my boots, I'll be free

I'm miles above the sea.